A Leader's Heart by John Maxwell

Yes! I want to have It!

This book is a 365-day devotional Journal. Anyone can follow a path, but only a leader can blaze one. That’s often not easy. As others depend on you, upon whom can you depend? The answer is God, the Ultimate Leader. Leadership is not the faint of heart, but it’s encouraging to know that you’re not in it alone. This daily devotional is designed to connect you to God, provide you with daily leadership thoughts to help you grow and help you stay focused on leadership issues as you approach the challenges of the day.  
God Has promised His Guidance:
‘I will lead them in paths they have not known, I will make darkness light before them, And crooked places straight. These things I will do for them, And not forsake them.’ – Isaiah 42:16
May You Follow Him as You Lead:
‘For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding;…He guards the paths of justice, And preserves the way of His saints. Then you will understand righteousness and justice, Equity and every good path.’ – Proverbs 2:6, 8-9

January - The call to leadership is a consistent pattern in the bible.
·         Invitation to lead
·         Grow a leader-grow the organization
·         In your footsteps
·         Don’t take yourself too seriously
·         Fire of God
·         The heart of leadership
·         Be careful where you get your counsel
·         The blame game
·         The power of purpose
·         Checklist before taking new territory
·         Vision brings victory
·         Leading the leader
·         What makes followers love to serve?
·         Love people, reward performance
·         Portrait of a godly leader
·         Talent is not enough
·         Creating a climate for developing leaders
·         Be careful what you promise
·         Not without my family!
·         The 101% principle
·         Giving is the highest level of living
·         Seek God, then ask these questions
·         Equipping: The leader’s responsibility
·         Leadership begin in the heart
·         Secure leadership
·         Diamonds in the rough
·         A friend indeed
·         What a leader must see
·         Blessed for success
·         Buying into a leader
·         Good leader are good listeners
February : Effective, Godly leadership means giving what you have so that God may be glorified in all you do.
·         Choosing the right circle
·         Extending your influence
·         Give up
·         A leader speaks up
·         The team hold the dream
·         Earn trust by doing the right thing
·         Trading for something greater
·         Give all you can
·         The longest way is a shortcut
·         As you are training others…
·         Give up your rights
·         It’s not just what you do, it’s when you do it
·         Work of a real value
·         Take the high road
·         Against the odds
·         Give people permission to take a risk
·         Begin leading by loving
·         Choose your mentor well
·         All in the same boat
·         Differences that make a difference
·         Growth = Change
·         Master communication to manage a conflict
·         How will they meet change?
·         The benefits of humility, the liability of pride
·         The power to change the world
·         The intuition of Issachar
·         A leader’s courage
·         A leader’s heart

March : Who you precedes what you do…leadership begins with the heart
·         Stay the course
·         You gotta have heart
·         If you fall, Get back up
·         The right attitude comes first
·         Room to grow
·         Persistence: The ultimate gauge of leadership
·         Preparation to lead
·         Have children? Then lead them!
·         Communicate the game plan
·         Leaders organize so they don’t have to agonize
·         Those closest to you
·         Leadership Inside-Then out
·         Bringing out their best
·         A bigger vision drives god’s leaders
·         Explanation and motivation
·         It takes a team
·         Guarding against the sluggard
·         The will to do what’s right
·         Commitment precedes resources
·         Leaders who attract leaders
·         Modeling: Leadership is caught more than taught
·         Spend time with your best
·         The leader and stress
·         Qualities of Initiators
·         Use every tool you have
·         Trust buster
·         Be a worthy follower
·         The mark of the believer
·         Your advisors will make or break you
·         Tool time
·         A brother in more that only blood

April – You can tell a lot about which direction your life is heading by looking at the people with whom you’ve chosen to spend your time and shares your ideas.
·         Swallow your pride or be swallowed up
·         Hope floats
·         Family first
·         The commitment crucible
·         An unexpected leader
·         Leaders are learners
·         When the real leader speak
·         Expanding the circle beyond twelve
·         The heart of a leader
·         Invest to empower
·         Birds of a feather
·         The call of a leader
·         Falling short
·         Team success brings individual success
·         Everyone’s a critic
·         A life of priorities
·         Count on character
·         Warning signs of a leader out of control
·         Consider their dream
·         Learning from your predecessor
·         Speak up to your leader
·         Following in your footsteps
·         Repair character faults
·         Listening like Samuel
·         As responsibilities increase, right decrease
·         Recognize the need to transition
·         Unchecked emotion-unsuccessful leadership
·         Sharp focus sharpens leadership
·         Motive matters
·         Cod grants rest

May – Your leadership ability always determines your effectiveness and the potential impact of your organization.
·         Are people drawn to you?
·         To communicate, listen
·         Trade your fears for faith in God
·         Let God worry about your promotion
·         Dream on
·         The tough and tender leader
·         It takes a mentor
·         Petty differences prevent victory
·         Charting the course for others
·         Create an inner circle
·         Give them themselves
·         Balancing your gifts with character
·         Not a ‘Natural’
·         Honor everyone on the team
·         Me first
·         The doctor is in
·         Leading from the shadows
·         Unequal in influence
·         Keep the main thing the main thing
·         Lift your lid
·         The value of vision
·         Exam time
·         Value values
·         Prepare your people for the future
·         Seek God when setting goals
·         Who you are is who you attract
·         Pay now, play later
·         Leaders have a few things to learn
·         Guide the way
·         Leadership development, not fulfillment
·         Double vision

June – As the leader, your communication sets the tone for interaction among your people.
·         Don’t try to fly solo
·         The greatest edge
·         A weak link
·         Leaders speak to transform, not merely inform
·         Spare change
·         Choose achievement over affirmation
·         Leaders are brokers of gifts
·         In the hands of the artist
·         Where is your confidence?
·         Sow a seed, change a life
·         Help those who have helped you
·         How to add value to others
·         Vessels for victory
·         Passing the trust test
·         Who’s the boss?
·         Recruit people who seize opportunities
·         Meeting a God-sized challenge
·         An investment for the future
·         Reaping what you sow
·         Take the lead
·         Communicate well to lead
·         The generous leader
·         Share the burden
·         A part for everyone
·         Give yourself away
·         Father knows best
·         Need a lift?
·         The power of empowerment
·         A leader’s heart of love for the unlovely
·         How do you expect people to respond?

July – Leadership is more art than science. The principles of leadership are constant, but the application changes with every leader and every situation.
·         Lead as shepherd does
·         Give up to go up
·         Give yourself away
·         Reading between the lines
·         Be a good follower first
·         Connect before calling
·         A model to be followed
·         What’s the score?
·         Wise words from a leader
·         Keep improving
·         The value of vision
·         Acknowledge God’s role
·         Fire up your leadership with vision
·         Help your people grow
·         Read, than lead
·         Not everyone will take the journey
·         Initiate using intuition
·         Encourage others’ strengths
·         Signs of victory
·         A position doesn’t make a leader
·         Be prepare
·         Mending the walls
·         Hope chest
·         Like a rock
·         The plan of an effective leader
·         Charting the course
·         It’s not about position, but a credibility
·         Care enough to confront
·         Take care of those who closest to you
·         Connection first
·         Integrity is about the small things

August – One of the greatest gifts leaders can give to those around them is hope. Never underestimate its power.
·         If it ain’t broke…
·         No greater love
·         Time to make decision
·         Don’t overstep your leadership
·         Leadership begins at home
·         It takes more than potential
·         Raising up a leader takes time
·         When a leader speaks
·         Moses’ first forty years in the desert
·         Observe your influence
·         Leaders must be examples, not exceptions
·         It doesn’t hurt to ask
·         Playing favorites
·         Become a momentum maker
·         A growing community
·         Trouble? Turn to God
·         Without buy-in, the vision perishes
·         Cursed self-interest
·         Make communication clear
·         Picking your team
·         Avoid destructive partnerships
·         Hope springs eternal
·         Responsibility of a leader’s trust
·         Don’t let go of your dreams
·         Leadership transitions
·         Let God use your strengths
·         Leave more than an inheritance
·         Model the way
·         In step a leader
·         Call in the reserves
·         What do your people want?

September – The sign of great leaders is not what they accomplish on their own, but what they accomplish through others.
·         Connect with your leadership heritage
·         When you fail, fail forward
·         Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand
·         Are you a whole person?
·         Our comfort allows us to comfort others
·         Making the tough call
·         Self-promotion…self-destruction
·         A credible leader
·         Overcoming poor morale
·         The irony of spiritual leadership
·         Coming together as a team
·         Bloom where you are planted
·         Personal qualifications for leadership
·         A living sacrifice
·         Coping with difficult people
·         Making the most of the gift
·         The velvet-covered brick
·         See the heart and the potential
·         Leadership in the home
·         Being before doing
·         Leadership in God’s economy
·         Heart of a champion
·         Three question for Christian leaders
·         Principle-centered leadership
·         Say No to the status quo
·         Ingredients of influence
·         Share the dream
·         Never work alone
·         Give yourself, not just your opinion
·         Be on purpose

October – Your thoughts determine your character…the first person you lead is you.
·         The fruit of obedience
·         Growing to your potential
·         Important of clear communication
·         Be willing to stand up
·         Do the little things to maintain momentum
·         It’s not about position
·         Be first to take your good advice
·         God leads, we follow
·         A house divided
·         Alarm bells for leaders
·         Leading across cultures
·         Character before talent
·         The first principle of wisdom
·         Confrontation results in purity and security
·         Discount your distracters
·         Security is found in the Lord, not in followers
·         Guard your thinking
·         What is your role?
·         A leader passes the baton
·         Gaining authority in Christ
·         Leaders cannot show the way until they know the way
·         Read the need, then lead
·         When your priorities are right…
·         Reforms begins within
·         Submit to God-given authority
·         Leadership lessons from an ant
·         Abuse of power
·         Deception, more often than mistake, disqualifies leaders
·         When people are esteemed, relationships are redeemed
·         The danger of too many pursuits

November – People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
·         Learn from a master communicator
·         See the leader, know the followers
·         The two go together
·         Broker talent for team-building
·         Give your all
·         Leading from the inside out
·         Leadership and the fruit of the spirit
·         Lifting the lid
·         The price of commitment
·         If they respect you, they follow
·         Choosing a leadership model
·         Spend minutes wisely
·         Evaluate, then empower
·         The fast way to gain leadership
·         Finding your place
·         Leaders and followers have specific roles
·         You’re a 10!
·         Find clarity, not certainty
·         Watch them blossom
·         As the leader goes, so goes the nation
·         Competence doesn’t compensate for insecurity
·         Where does God fit in?
·         Make your home a haven
·         Leaders lose the right to be selfish
·         Believe in yourself
·         Offer vulnerable obedience
·         Feel bad? Then give!
·         Oh, It’s nothing
·         Boosting low morale
·         Leaders broker human resources

December – Commitment is the one quality above all others that enables a potential leader to become a successful leader.
·         Go to the very end
·         Go the distance
·         Touch a heart first
·         Life cycle
·         Decision to delegate
·         The leader’s refuge
·         It takes one to make one
·         What kind of leader are you?
·         Measuring influence
·         Anointed to lead
·         Your friends’ best friend
·         Repentance brings reward
·         Color my world
·         The importance of starting well
·         Moving your team in the right direction
·         Good leaders own up to their mistakes
·         The key to continued success
·         Know your people before placing them
·         Ask for commitment
·         First achieve victory over self
·         Whole-hearted devotion
·         Follow my lead
·         Offer others a sense of belonging
·         A leader of discernment
·         Keep training, keep running
·         Heads you win, tails you win
·         Closer than a brother
·         The right to lead
·         Close to the heart of God
·         Are you a navigator?
·         Take me to your leader