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Hey there, my sweet friends! Welcome, Thank you for clicking here. I am happy and feel thrilling at the same time. I'm Jennifer from Malaysia. 
Jenanyi is a combination of my name and a blending of my personal blog and eCommerce.
1. Personal space page 'Love Books' - Focus more on books, it's because I love reading and here you'll find my personal thoughts about books and comics that I've read. 
2. Topup - System reloads to ALL Telecom.
3. Convid-19 status - Worldwide latest statistic on Convid-19 cases.
4. 'Jenanyi Shop' - Online store selling a variety of fashion clothing, bag, stationery, Kpop merchandise, health and beauty at affordable prices. Company Registration No.202003215541 (KT0473963-K).
5. 'Yummy Snack' - Online Store Selling Choco Crispy, Melmel's Cookies, and Ketam Berhantu with a variety of flavors.
You can read the books/comics for free here and if you prefer to own the printed book/comics - you are welcome to purchase it through the selected link shows on every webpage. 

Other than reading, I also love to travel, watch a movie, and eating delicious foods. So, I am a normal person that loves reading and I would say that my life wouldn't perfect without it.

Love Yourself First Than You Know What You Deserve

So, that's a little about myself and this webpage. Where do we go after this? That's dependent on what you're searching for here.

I hope you'll find something beneficial and entertain you here. Enjoy your shopping at Jenanyi Shop and perhaps we may even find we share very similar reading tastes and hobbies too. 
๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–Thank you.

Enjoy and Have a Great Day. Peace!
xoxo Jennifer

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