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Why we want you to be rich (Two men, One message) – Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald J. Trump
I am a huge fan of Robert and writing this book with Donald is a megahit. Well, it did!! This is the first book they work together before Midas Touch. If you like reading what these two men have to say (like me) then I recommend this book for you. As you read this book you will see the voice of two men, from two different backgrounds, with two different perspectives, and two different voices. Robert with storyteller dialogue and Donald is direct to the point using few words as possible. The tone of the writing is very conversational and I enjoy it that way. I enjoyed reading about their life experiences and how other people influenced them. It’s a good book to read.
This book was publish in the year 2006 and it’s First Edition in September 2007 before the global financial crisis in the year 2008. Its have 345 pages with five parts and 29 chapters. In this book, the authors explain the financial problems the US will face in the future and why every-individual need to be part of the solution rather than the problem. This book is about money, financial education, and the effect of a lack of financial education and money management. It's about changing oneself so that they do not become a victim of a rapidly changing world.

Money alone cannot solve poverty. The problem with throwing money at the issue of poverty is that money only creates more poor people and keeps people poorer longer. The solution to worldwide poverty is financial education.

“GIVE A MAN a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime.” — Anne Isabella Ritchie.

As the individual financial education increases, they will start to recognize financial opportunities everywhere. Both men explain the problems associated with the aging population and the lack of financial education most people have.

“Most rich people don’t want others to know how they got rich, much less tell people about their failures…I want people to know because it’s how I learned so much. I want people to know that  rich or poor, we all have financial problems” – Robert T. Kiyosaki
“What’s the point of having great knowledge and keeping it to yourself?” – Donald J. Trump
They believe many people have an ‘entitlement mentality’ where they expect other people to take care of them whether it is the government or employers. They explain that everybody needs to learn to take care of themselves.
“We want people to let go of the entitlement mentality and become rich so they can solve the problem…their own problem.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

The best way to solve the problem of bad financial results is to change our own thoughts and to start thinking like rich people rather than poor and middle-class people. That means losing the entitlement mentality.
Warren Buffet says about diversification: “Diversification is protection against ignorance. (It) makes very little sense if you know what you are doing.” – One of the Keys to becoming rich is to know what you are doing.
“People who are capable of thinking for themselves will rarely be part of any herd.” Donald J. Trump
“I think; therefore I am” – the wisdom of Descartes

Many people have dreams. Rich people have goals. As Archbishop Ashe said “Every goal has a process”; many people have dreams but fail to have their dreams come true because they do not focus on the necessary process to achieve their dreams. The book then continues in explaining the qualities successful people have and the many avenues you can pursue to become rich.

“There are many definitions of intelligence. One for the more practical ones I learned from my rich dad is, ‘Intelligence is the ability to solve the problem.’” – Robert T. Kiyosaki
“There are no guarantees, but being ready sure beats being taken by surprise.” – Donald J. Trump
“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain   
They discuss influencing factors that helped them become successful and offer general advice for people in different situations. It’s a matter of leadership and the ability to solve problems. Remember little effort is the best replacement for excuses. If we all make an effort to understand what’s going on around us, to make that quantum leap to using our higher, non-complacent minds, some lucid thinking might result. Problem-solving is education at its best. Just as understanding can replace hatred, education can replace fear. Ignorance can be easier but it is often the result of fear.

“Everyone has money problems. If you want to make yourself rich, solve problems. Identifying a problem creates the opportunity for creating a solution.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki
“I have learned that what is essential can sometimes be invisible to the eye. That’s where discernment comes in.” – Donald J. Trump

“Robert and I realize that problems can be complex and, at times, seemingly endless but we want to encourage you to see them as challenges that will give you a chance for great achievement. Remember, nothing is easy. But who wants nothing? Your financial intelligence is greater than that!” – Donald J. Trump
“The financial problems we all face are now bigger than the U.S. government alone can handle…However, the problems have not been solved and now are becoming global problems, beyond the borders of our country and beyond the control of our political leaders.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

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There are three types of investor in the world;
people who do not invest at all expect their family, the company they work for or their government to take care of them once their working days are over.
people who invest not to lose generally, invest in  what they think safe investments. This is the vast majority of an investor. These people have saver’s mentality when comes to investing.
people who invest to win are willing to study more, want more control and invest for higher returns.

Improving your financial education allows you to get to the place where becoming rich is predictable. Once a person has the education and the experience and understands leverage, control, creativity, expandability, and predictability, life will look different. Being multidimensional and alert on all those levels can be exciting and will produce results. Becoming very successful can also be predictable – especially if one will take the occasional risk.
“The biggest risk we all face is not moving forward with what we’ve learned.” – Donald J. Trump
“Faith keeps you going with confidence and keep you humble at the same time.” – Donald J. Trump

Heredity and the environment are two important factors that influence what we are and what we become or what we do not become. The other factors are your responsibility and your choice. That itself should be an empowering thought. Be friendly to your situations, learn from them, but keep progressing forward. Keep your focus on success and elevate your life to where it should be.

In last part they share more detailed recommendations for investing and most importantly, they end with a commentary about the need to develop leadership skills. If you cannot lead yourself, you will not able to lead others. Whether something is good investment has everything to do with how committed you are to be good at what you do. Investing is not risky; people are risky. Robert's rich dad used to say, “There are no such things as a bad investment, but they're sure a lot of bad investors.”
Lastly in conclusion : There are kinds of people in the world. There are those who seek security and those who seek freedom. Security and freedom are exactly the opposite. That is why those with most security have the least freedom. Those people are in the maximum security section of the prison. If you seek maximum freedom it exists in the B and I.

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