This is a great book. "Life lesson from the monk who sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma. It is a gold mind of wisdom and common sense, very informative, easy to read. It's about finding out what really important to our spiritual self, rather than being inundated with material possession.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will have, nobody can tax it or take it from you. This book certainly gives a disparate vision life significantly. Do read it at least at once.

Through this book you'll discover:
-How to stay strong and positive in tough times.
-Potent strategies to simplify your life and eliminate stress.
-Proven tools to beat procrastination and get big things done.
-Profound wisdom to live a truly rich life that not only wows you but makes the world better.

“Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari” contains short chapters (between one to three pages each). - Discover Your Calling, Ever Day Be Kind to a Stranger, Maintain Your Perspective, Practice Tough Love, Keep a Journal, Develop an Honest Philosophy, Honor Your Past, Start Your Day Well, Learn To Say No Gracefully, Take a Weekly Sabbatical, Talk To Yourself, Schedule Worry Breaks,  Model a Child, Remember Genius Is 99 Percent Inspiration, Don’t Pick Up the Phone Every Time It Rings, , Learn to Be Silent, Get Up Early, Always Carry a Book with You, See Your Trouble as a blessing, Practice the Action Habit, Remember The Rule of 21, Build a Library of Heroic Books, Drink Fresh Fruit Juice, Find Three Great Friends, Get a Coach, Stop Complaining and start living, Increase Your Value, Be Humble etc.

"Begin to see your trouble as blessing, resolve to transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones and vow to turn your wounds to wisdom." - Robin Sharma

"Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. It transform itself into actual power the moment you decisively act on it."