Wonderful book. It's a 365-day of beautiful collection and riches from the greatest Christian women writers of all time. Writing from their personal experiences and lessons learned from in-depth study, they offer their hearts to us with their enormous riches to share. Each devotional begins with a timeless insight from a woman who, like us, faced difficult circumstances and had typical concerns about aging, loneliness, perfectionism, God's will, parenting, marriage, faith, balancing work and home. Each insight is then explored in a beautiful reading that includes a Bible verse and a seed prayer to point our heart heavenward every day of the year.

'God hears the daily cry of your heart. He knows you long to spend time with him amid your busy schedule. He Knows your doubts, your fears, your questions, your triumphs, your worries. He loves your beauty, your creativity, your giftings, your soul.' - The editors

From the writings of godly women, the editors chose powerful,one-or two-sentence quotations that will provide a spark in your personal walk with God. Each seed quotation is followed by a longer devotional, a suggested Scripture reading, and a prayer. As you take a few minutes from your busy day to enjoy God's presence, may you drawn closer to him and be able to say in humble submission, "Take my heart, o God."

Best moments;
'But how shall I speak of the glories I have since discovered in the Bible? For years I have read it with an ever-broadening sense of joy and inspiration; and I love it as I love no other book.' - Helen Keller 
[Thank you for the gift of the Bible. Your love letter to me.]
Romans 15:4 For whatever things were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the scripture might have hope.