This book was published in 1921. Encourage readers to find the “acre of diamonds” in their own backyard or current state, which mean opportunities for success are abound all around us, we got to open our mind and eyes to see the untapped diamonds that lie surrounds us, it could be a diamond in your hobby?

Russell  H. Conwell was trained as a lawyer, served as a Union soldier, and worked as an international journalist. He was ordained and worked as a Baptist minister before founding Temple University in Philadelphia, in 1888, to meet the educational needs of the younger members of his congregation. Conwell served as Temple University’s first president, and his Conwell School of Theology became the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, one of the largest interdenominational seminaries in the United States. Acres of Diamonds began as an inspirational lecture he delivered more than six thousand times before his death in 1925.

The speeches were delivered mainly in his capacity as a clergyman. An acre of Diamond is a parable he heard from an old Arab guide while traveling along the Tigris and Euphrates river (present day-Iraq) in 1870. The story relates to a man, name Al Hafed, who lived a contented life close to the river Indus. He was a wealthy farmer owning larger farms and gardens. One day he was visited by a Buddhist priest who told him all about a diamond in distant lands. The priest painted a pretty picture of what diamonds were worth and how Al Hafed could become a man of greater power and stature if he were to discover diamonds. Al Hafed went to bed that night feeling very poor and discontented. He ended up selling his farms and belongings, left his family, and embarked on a search for diamonds. He wandered around Palestine and Europe, after losing all his money and live in rags, he committed suicide in Barcelona Spain. Meanwhile, back in Persia, the man who had bought Al Hafed’s farm found a diamond while watering his animals at a stream that runs through the land. The farm would go on to yield acres of diamonds and famously referred to as diamond mines of Golconda.

The message in Conwell lecture is clear. You can find success where you are right now. The opportunities for success abound all around us, right where you are now.

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