Great book. In this book, F. W. Sears introduce the concept of the law of harmonious attraction, under which thing come to us because they want to come and not because we make them come; they remain with us because they want to do so. This law has become the foundation for much of becoming a self-help industry in the world.

How To Attract Success The Law of Harmonious Attraction and other Laws referred to in this book, are not new Laws, and the Author claims nothing for their discovery; they have existed throughout all time and have been used unconsciously to a greater or less extent throughout all the ages. The only claim the Author makes is for their revival and their conscious application by mankind along all lines, and the new application of them which he teaches.  
The Author would teach the same common sense application of these Laws to the energy which creates things that the world uses in the handling of these things after they are created. Thus when one leaves his home he locks the doors and fastens the windows in order to prevent intruders from gaining entrance and stealing his valuables, but in his thought-world, he leaves the doors and windows open to all the thieves, tramps and vagabonds of the destructive thought currents. A man should learn to lock the doors and windows of his thought-world against the thieves and vagabonds vicious thoughts of all kinds of that plane by forming the fixed habit of displacing them by constructive and harmonious thinking.  
To the thousands of hungry souls that have battled long enough with the world under the Law of Force and who are ready to learn the larger Truth of the Law of Harmonious Attraction, is this book dedicated. All such will read and re-read it hundreds of times, get into the vibrations from which it was written and receive their own message of Harmony direct from the one great Source. Those who have not been beaten to earth again and again by the reaction of the Law of Force on their own lives and who are not ready for the great Truths contained herein will go on under their old Law, setting more and more destructive causes in motion until they too cry out for mercy and say, Oh, God! Why hast thou forsaken me. Sometime they too will learn the lesson that no one can save us from our own Laws but ourselves.

This book is a rare gem in the ever-growing plethora of "manifestation books." It is written with an unforgettable eloquence and insight which conveys that its author, F.W. Sears, really EXPERIENCED what he was writing about.

It deserves many readings until the reader has really grasped and FELT the truths contained. Sears himself suggests that the book may need to be read many times before its message is embodied by the reader.

"The third thing is to remember that this book only teaches how to grow a constructive and harmonious consciousness; you will have to do the work of applying its lessons. New habits are not formed in a day and the lessons which this book teaches will not be absorbed in one reading...

It is dependent on you alone as to how valuable this book becomes to you. The author has proven for himself everything he teaches. He knows that everything he says is true, and you can know it too but you will have to apply the lessons and prove them for yourself... You will note that the author does not quote any authorities for any of his statements. The highest authority any soul can possibly have is its own God-self and it is this God-self in you which the proper and persistent study and application of these lessons will bring out into greater expression, and thus enable you to set the new causes in motion which will bring you success along any line you may desire. "

It is a short book which can easily be read in an evening, and thereafter in bite-sized pieces just to keep its message fresh.

The book deals with the contrast between the "Law of Harmonious Attraction," which essentially is the law that binds the Universe together, and the man-made Law of Force which we see operating everywhere in our world today.

The only problem is that the Law of Force requires constantly renewed application of force to maintain whatever it brings, whereas the Law of Harmonious Attraction can operate effortlessly and eternally.

"While it is true that under the Law of Force we can and do manipulate people and things, just as the chickens run after and snatch the food from each other, and we can achieve temporary success and obtain large fortunes as long as we exert the stronger force, yet the time always comes somewhere down the line of our cosmic journey when some other life is able to manipulate the Law of Force in a stronger way than we and then our fortunes begin to crumble and melt away. Under the Law of Harmonious Attraction the manipulation of people and things belong to God the great Universal Law and is a part of the work with which we have absolutely nothing to do. "

There are many fascinating insights in this book--such as the different levels of consciousness in human beings and how they operate; what happens to human consciousness after death; why people fail in maintaining a "success consciousness"---and how to correct this.

"An examination into the consciousness and habits of such persons [who do not "succeed" in harmonious attraction] showed that their work was done under more or less of a strain; that they were invariably anxious or tense, rarely ever relaxing, with the result that they generated an inharmonious energy constructed an inharmonious wall around them in which they were enclosed like a shell; this prevented the things that they had created, and which stood just outside of this wall or shell, from entering their atmosphere and materializing in form. "

Although the principles in the book will be familiar to readers who have already gone through the many books on "Attraction," there is a rare depth, feeling, and authenticity in the way these principles are described and elucidated in this book.

I have read and greatly benefited from most of the current literature on manifestation and attraction---" Abraham," Vitale, Losier, Dyer and many others, but I think this book "says it all" with great eloquence and above all a practical simplicity which you can really apply and use.

Its message will reverberate with you every day and slowly, as its principles are applied, you just may see miracles manifest in your life.