Amazing book. The Power of Concentration, It is the utmost value to learn how to concentrate/focus. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. The person that is able to concentrate utilize all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones.

“Center your mind on one purpose, one plan, one transaction.”

The Power of Concentration was first published in Chicago in 1918. As a pioneering self help book, it deals with developing the faculty of deep concentration to achieve your personal and professional goals. Bending the entire power of your mind and focusing it on the thing you want to achieve apparently creates cosmic energies that will manifest the goal. For many modern day readers, this may sound extremely familiar. Current theories of coaching, mentoring and the plethora of “How To...” books that crowd bookstore shelves all contain ideas like this. The power of visualization, self-dialog, self-awareness, elimination of negative thoughts etc. are all presented in The Power of Concentration.

The book also contains practical exercises for honing your powers of concentration, observation and keeping your focus sharp and keen. There are also excellent suggestions regarding diet and nutrition, exercise and physical fitness and their effect on the mind. However, the latter half of the book could be disappointing to some readers as it meanders through topics like cosmic rays, divine wisdom, etc which tend to delve into less than believable territory.
However, as a self-help manual, The Power of Concentration does indeed provide valuable tips on cultivating the now lost art of concentration. For today's generation which is subject to an infinite number of distractions and is prey to notoriously short attention spans, The Power of Concentration is the most valuable and useful guide.
Those who lack this power or, rather who fail to develop it, will generally suffer from poverty and unhappiness and their life’s work will most often failure, while those who develop and use it will make the most of life’s opportunities. Of course the mere reading the lessons and practical inside the book will not do you a great deal of good, but, if the exercises are practiced and worked out and applied to your own individual case, you should be able to acquire the habit of concentration in such measure as to greatly improve your work and increase your happiness.” – The Author
The benefit of Concentration:
-      It benefits short and long terms memory
-      Help us FOCUS better
-      Give us inner strength
-      Choose your own thought instead of drifting
-      The ability to decide quickly
-      Greater will power

“In deep concentration, you become linked with the great creative energy then flows through you, vitalizing your creation into form.”

“Dwarves can often do the work of giants when they are transformed by the magic power of concentration. But giant will do work of dwarves when they lack the power of concentration.”

“Ever day do something that will put you nearer to your goal.”