The Acts of the Apostles presents the amazing story of the early Christian church through the rest of New Testament times. After Jesus was victorious over Satan and returned to heaven, the enemy turned his attention to Jesus’ church on earth.

Here are thrilling stories of fierce persecutions and unswerving loyalty to God. Peter, Paul, James, John, Luke, Barnabas, Stephen, Mark, and the other early apostles carried the wonderful news of the gospel to all of the then-known world. Unwilling to surrender their faith, many gave their lives. The Acts of the Apostles is not so much "The Acts of the Apostles" as it is "The Acts of the Holy Spirit."

The Acts of the Apostles and the biblical book of Acts, the remnant people of God find their spiritual roots. To understand what God expects of His church today, believers should study these two books. Here can be found the spiritual model for the modern church. Under the power of God's Spirit, the church of God today is called to service for the purpose of completing the work begun by the apostles twenty centuries ago.

The study guide for The Acts of the Apostles is designed for use in several ways, depending upon the interests of the user. Certain lessons provide a deeper understanding of the working of the Holy Spirit or of the growth of the Christian church. Others focus on the lives and ministries of Paul, Peter, or John, or the books that came from the pens of these apostles.