The Holy War Made by King Shaddai Upon Diabolus, to Regain the Metropolis of the World, Or, The Losing and Taking Again of the Town of Mansoul is a 1682 novel by John Bunyan. This novel, written in the form of an allegory, tells the story of the town "Mansoul" (Man's soul). Though this town is perfect and bears the image of Shaddai (Almighty), it is deceived to rebel and throw off his gracious rule, replacing it instead with the rule of Diabolus. Though Mansoul has rejected the Kingship of Shaddai, he sends his son Emmanuel to reclaim it.

Divide into 2 part :
Part 1
Chapter 1: Introduction and the fall. 
The allegory explained.  What is a soul?  The universe.  The situation of the town of Mansoul.  The bricks and mortar of the town of Mansoul.  Who are the inhabitants of the town of Mansoul?   Who are the Diabolonians?  Was Bunyan a racist? Why did God make the human race.  The bondage of the will.  The spiritual rebellion.  The fall.  Satan taking the castle.  Emmanuel retaking the castle.

Chapter 2: Mansoul enslaved to Satan. 
Lord Innocency murdered.  Lord Understanding demoted. Mr Recorder (Mr Consicience) Demoted.  Lord Willbewill defects.  Mr Mind corrupted.  Mr Affection is debauched. The image of God is defaced.  Mr No-Truth enters. Laws and Morals destroyed.  Dibolus’s edicts.  Lord Lustings becomes Mayor.  Mr Forget good becomes the Conscience.  The aldermen are installed. Satan’s strongholds (forts).

Chapter 3: God’s plan in eternity.
Salvation was planned before the world was made.  The declaration of War.  The Old Testament prophecies.  Satan fears Gods Army.  Satan’s strategy is  to keep “his” goods. Satan’s armour Satan’s fore warning.  God musters his army. 

Chapter 4: The effectual call
The gospel is preached.  The trumpet.  God plans holy force.  Lord Willbewill is given a message for the townsfolk.  The trumpeter sounds a warning. The black flag.  Captain Boanerges addresses Mansoul.  Captain Conviction addresses Mansoul.  Captain Judgement addresses Mansoul.  Captain execution addresses Mansoul. The four speeches are ignored by Mansoul. 
Chapter 5: Christ is stronger than Satan

Sounding the trumpet.  High-mind and Heady.  The Ear-gate comes under attack.  Winter in the Soul.  A division starts to appear within the population of Mansoul.  Famine in the Soul.  Negatiations are requested by Mansoul.  Satan’s terms and conditions are rejected by Christ’s Captains.  
Chapter 6: Mutiny within Mansoul
The pangs of the conscience.  Mr Rash-head.  Mr Prejudice.  Final summons is given to Mansoul by Christ.  Using spiritual weapons.

Chapter 7: Christ is sent to conquer Satan.
Emmanuel commissions His officers. Those who ride Reformades (volunteer officers are angels.  The procession.  The weapons of warfare.  The siege starts.  The mounts.  The flags: the ultimatum to Mansoul.  Mansoul is unable to turn to Christ by their own will. Satan is afraid of Christ.  Emmanuel’s reply: “Satan is a liar”.  Satan has defaced God’s image in Mansoul.  Satan has made Mansoul despise the very means of their rescue.  Christ claims ownership of the city of Mansoul.  A further address to Mansoul. 

Chapter 8: Satan tries to negotiate with Emmanuel.
Mr Loth to stoop (compromise).  Mr Loth to Stoop offers Shaddai a larger part of the inheritance.  R loth to Stoop offers a 99% share.  Mr Loth to stoop asks for “only” a small timeshare apartment. Mr Loth to Stoop asks for only a day pass for himself.  Mr Loth to stoop asks if friendship between Diabolonians and Mansloulians.  Mr Loth to Stoop asks if Diabolus may leave behind some tokens of affections for his friends in Mansoul.  Mr Loth to Stoop asks if Diabo;lus can have a consultancy whereby he may be admitted to the town in extreme circumstances.  Satan departs.  Ill Pause speaks again.

Chapter 9: The first injuries and fatalities. 
Captain Conviction is wounded. The Captains of Salvation are rewarded.   Some Diabolonians are slain.  Mr Feeling is wounded.  Mr Willbewill is injured.  Love no Good is mortally wounded.  Mr Ill-Pause is wounded in the head.  Diabolus plays another trick.  Emmanuel’s response.  Emmanuel Explains.

Chapter 10: the city of Mansoul falls.
Mansoul is won!  The battle for the heart.  The battle for the conscience.  The conscience is awakened.  Captain Execution kills three captains of Satan.  Captain Blindfold is killed.  Old Ill-Pause is killed.  More Diabolonians slain.  The petition is sent to Emmanuel.  The Castle is broken into by Christ.

Chapter 11: Satan is banished from Mansoul.
Satan is banished from Mansoul. Emmanuel wears golden armour.  Mansoul is drawn towards Emmanuel.  Emmanuel triumphs over Satan by His words (effectual call).  Satan in chains.  Satan is stripped of his armour in public.  Diabolus is bound to Christ’s chariot wheels. Joy in heaven.
Chapter 12: The first and second petitions sent from prison.
Understanding, Conscience, and Willbewill are put into prison.  Mr Would live.  The first Petition from prison. Captain Conviction refuses to be the bearer of the petition.  Mr Desires- Awake.  Mr Wet Eyes.  Christ’s Response to the second petition.  Mansoul is thrown into confusion. 

Chapter 13: the third petition, loss of self righteousness.
The elements of  prayer that God listens to. Mr Good- Deed is rejected as messenger.  Mr Desires Awake and Wet Eyes go together.  Emmanuel engages in conversation.  The Prince answers the cries of Mansoul.

Chapter 14: the prisoners are freed.
Vain thoughts.  Mansoulians condemn themselves.  A Victory is proclaimed.  Joy in heaven.  God grants pardon.  The prisoners are re-clothed, and decorated with jewels.  The prisoners are overcome by Emmanuel’s grace.  The prisoners are freed.  The freed prisoners rejoice.  Salvation by faith.  Captain Credence enters the city victoriously.  Captain Credence takes ten thousand with him.  Captain Credence commanded by Emmanuel  to go up to the castle gate.  Captains Judgement and Execution leave the city.  The great change has taken place.  Pardon is declared in the camp of Emmanuel.  

Chapter 15: Christ enters into the life of a believer.
Emmaunel gives a military display.  Christ enters the city and salvation comes to Mansoul.  The citizens touched with the hand the top of Christ’s golden sceptre.  If Christ withdraws the Captains, Mansoul will die.  Mansoul fears residual Diabolonians.  Christ will enter the city with some conditions.  Mansoul replies.  Mansoul asks for wisdom.  Emmanuel agrees to live in Mansoul.  Mansoul prepares herself to receive her King.  Christ enters the Eye-gate.  The ancients and elders come out to welcome the King.  At the Recorder’s house.  The King’s men are quartered (billeted) amongst the Masnoulians. 

Chapter 16: Christ’s spiritual banquets.
Supernatural food.  Wine made from water.  Music.  Riddles. 

Chapter 17: All things become new.
The instrument without a name. Lord Willbewill is prompted.  Diabolonians to be apprehended.  Lord Understanding is re-instated as Lord Mayor.  Mr Knowledge is made the recorder.  The image of Diabolus is taken down.  The arrest.  The three holds.  The trial.  Mr Incredulity escapes.  The execution.  Mr Experience.  Christ’s Speech to Mansoul.  The Lord Chief Secretary The Principal Minister (the Holy Spirit) and the subordinate minister (the conscience and the church minister).  Spiritual sickness.  Residual sin.  The white robes.  Summer time in Mansoul. 

Part 2
Chapter 18: Deceived by Carnal Security.
Who is Mr Carnal Security? How does Mr Carnal Security enslave us?  What are the consequences of this enslavement? Tis not grace received but grace improved that preserves the soul from temporal dangers.  Christ and the Holy Spirit are grieved and leave Mansoul.

Chapter 19: Mr Godly fear and Mr Conscience speak out.
Mr Carnal Security has a feast day. Mr Godly fear challenges the participants.   Carnal Security tries to flatter Godly fear.  Godly fear addresses the elders in Mansoul.  Mr Conscience speaks. 

Chapter 20: Satan plots to re-take Mansoul
The plot of infiltration. Diabolonians writer a letter to Hell to seek advice from Satan.
The letter is delivered by Mr Profane. Satan sends a reply to the Diabolonians. Mr Deceit proposes a plan of action. Lord Covetous, Lord Lasciviousness and Lord Anger selected . The plot to invade Mansoul on a weekday. A second letter is written to Satan. An army of doubters proposed. Mansoul is ripe for the picking. Balaam (going deeper and deeper into sin).  Diabolus declares war.

Chapter 21: Satan plots to invade Mansoul. Mr Prywell uncovers the plot.
The plot the enemy within and without. A slow approach by two or three sins (Diabolonians) would have been more effective. Residual Diabolonians encouraged by Satan to draw Mansoul into m Mansoul finds out the plot from Mr Prywell

ore and more sin.  Mansoul neglects reformation and mortification  Lord Understanding is alerted. The captains of salvation shut the gates of  Mansoul  The captains of Salvation search for residual Diabolonians They order that Mansoulians housing Diabolonians should  repent. They order a day of public humiliation. 

The captains of Salvation order further petitions to be sent to Emmanuel. 
Thanks were given to Mr Prywell.  Mr Prywell finds tht Diabolus is ready to invade with his doubters and that Mr Incredulity has escaped from prison. 

Lords Covetous, Lasciviousness and two other Diabolonians put into prison where they die. Residual Diabolonians go into hiding.

Chapter 22: Satan sends an army of doubts to invade. 
Satan’s Captains. Satan’s Superior Captains. Satan’s angels.The Diabolonians march toward Mansoul again. Diabolus puts up four mounts against Mansoul. Diabolus puts up four mounts against Mansoul. Diabolus commands his drummer to beat a parley (conversation  between the two sides). Captain Sepulchre speaks to Mansoul.

Chapter 23: Mansoul wins a small victory over Satan
Mansoul seeks advice from the Holy Spirit who has been grieved. The Holy Spirit’s intercession is sought but he is grieved.  The Captains respond by making an attempt on the enemy’s camp. 
Emmanuel’s slings and diabolus’s retreat. Diabolus tries to flatter Mansoul.  The Lord Mayor replies rejecting Diabolus’s offer. Diabolus  falls into a rage and places his captains at the gates of Mansoul.  The Sally port (gate used for warfare).  Lord Willbewill executes more Diabolonians. Mr Mind executes more Diabolonians.  Diabolus becomes furious, Subordinate preacher preaches that Mansoul will win the victory.  The battle commences and lasts for several days. The armour which is worn by the fighters. Casualties.

Chapter 24: Further mortification.
Mr Anything and Loose-foot put in prison before crucifixion.Mansoul makes a sally upon Diabolonians camp at night.Captain Credence stumbles and falls.Diabolus turns and attacks Credence, Good-hope and Experience.Diabolus tries to invade Mansoul.Lord  Cavil, Lord Brisk, Lord Pragmatic and Lord Murmur wounded. Willbewill fights other Diabolonians who disperse

Chapter 25: Diabolus enters Mansoul through the Feel gate.
Diabolus’ Drum and the shouting of Hellfire. Torment and No-Ease. The Prince’s men secrete themselves in the Castle. Diabolus quarters his men in the Mansoulian houses.Mr Conscience wounded. Lord Mayor tortured. Lord Willbewill hides in the castle. Diabolonians come out of hiding. The Captains of Salvation are inside the castle.

Chapter 26: A fourth petition is sent to Emmanuel.
The help of the Holy Spirit is sought. Captain Credence carries the petition. Contents of the petition.  Satan hates prayer. Diabolus tries to enter the castle and to take credence captive. Mr Fooling. Lord Mayor pledges resistance. A note to Lord Mayor.  A note for Lord Willbewill. A note for the Subordinate preacher. A note for Mr godly fear. A note for the town of Mansoul. Captain Credence is the Lord’s Lieutenant.

Chapter 27:  Satan makes an attempt to enter the castle.
Diabolus plots to draw the Captains out into the plain and lay an ambush. Beelzebub plots to draw Mansoul into sin. Merchants Mr Penny-wise-pound-foolish and Mr Get-I’ the-hundred-and –lose-I’the-shire. Mr Sweet-world and Mr Present-good. The plot to make the castle a warehouse. Mr Profuse, Mr Prodigality, Mr Voluptuous, Mr Pragmatical, Mr Ostentation. Emmanuel sends a letter to Captain Credence planning to meet up in the field and destroy the Diabolonian army. Mansoul sounds the trumpet of triumph. The Diabolonians retreat to the plain.

Chapter 28: The battle of the plain (secular life).
The sword of the Prince Emmanuel and the sheild of Captain Credence.  Captain Experience joins the fray.Lord Willbewill and the Captains of salvation fight valiantly.

The slings from the castle fired. Mansoulians can see the Prince’s face. Captain Credence makes a speech. Many Diabolonian doubters fall dead. Emmanuel comes into the fray. Diabolus and his lords flee.

Chapter 29:  Emmanuel returns to Mansoul.
The gates are opened. Songs sung and trumpets played. The Captains accompanied the Prince as he rode into Mansoul. The streets are filled with flowers. The Lords and gentry bow before Emmanuel at the castle gates. The commoners came to mourn their sin and to ask for forgiveness. Emmanuel gives a message of encouragement. Mansoulians bury the dead Diabolonians. Diabolus plans yet another attempt on Mansoul.

Chapter 30: The Land of Doubting.
What is the land of doubting? Diabolus’s doubting Captains. Who are the “Bloodmen”? (persecuters). Captain Self-denial. Emmanuel charges his men to kill the doubters.  Emmanuel charges his men to capture the Bloodmen alive. Blindmanshire, Blindzealshire, and Malice and Envy.

Chapter 31: Day of Judgement.
The bloodmen (persecutors) are called to account. A visit to Evil-questioning’s house (aka Mr Honest-inquiring).  Mr Diligence overhears the plot. The five are imprisoned and tried. Election-doubter, Vocation-doubter, and  Grace-doubter tried, and executed. More Diabolonians executed. Mr Meditation. Carnal- sense escapes prison.  Mr Live-by-feeling and Legal-life imprisoned until death. Mr Unbelief escapes.

Chapter 32: Emmanuel’s speech to us.
Emmanuel is the author and finisher of our faith. Heaven described. Emmanuel instructs his people.