Great book. The author uses the real history of Christian/Churches during the Dark Ages and how Christ's followers' thirst for God's true word and their faith grow until the great events of the Protestant Reformation occurred.
"The word of our God shall stand forever." "All His commandments are sure. They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness." Isaiah 40:8; Psalm:7,8. Whatever is built upon the authority of man will be overthrown; but that which is founded upon the rock of God's immutable word shall stand forever.

Book Details:
    Champions for Truth Researchers say at least 10,000 different religions exist around the world. Just one of those-Christianity-is divided further into 34,000 different denominations.
    Talk about hodge-podge! Talk about confusion!
    The Bible speaks of only one God and one church. So why do the world's nearly seven billion people worship thousands of gods in tens of thousands of churches?
    One grand effort of God's great enemy is to sow never-ending division and confusion. The Devil masterfully counterfeits truth, compromises it with error, and if necessary, frightens God's followers into abandoning their beliefs to save their earthly lives.
    During what we call the Dark Ages, the enemy used counterfeiting, compromising, and frightening tactics to create a whole false system of religion that hardly resembled Christ's original church. The Bible was either abandoned or locked up so no one could read it. Paganism, atheism, and politics were mixed with truth until mostly error was left.
    But God always had His faithful people: the Waldenses, the Albigenses, the Huguenots. These and other followers stood firm on God's Word. Then the events of the great Protestant Reformation occurred. Bold men of God such as Wycliffe, Hus, Jerome, Luther, and others stripped away layers of falsehoods and exposed God's truth again.
    Once again, though, we live in a godless time with the Bible under attack. God needs you-He needs all of us-to champion His truth. He needs His people once again to stand on the Bible-and nothing else!

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