A great book when you need encouragement and inspiration.

 This collection of fifty short devotions is made up of snippets from Nick other books (Life Without Limits and Unstoppable), but it is laid out in an entirely different format. Each devotion includes a Scripture passage, an inspirational story/challenge, and a motivational closing quote.

 The book is very positive. Born without arms or legs, Nick has learned to adapt to life without limbs and has accomplished more than most people believe they are ever capable of doing. He gives an honest account of the challenges he and his family have wrestled with since his birth, and shares how learning to forge a deeper relationship with God has led to joy and a fruitful ministry.

Over time, I came to understand that God had not brought me into the world without limbs to punish me. Instead, He had a plan for me, an incredible plan to serve Him by inspiring and leading others to lives of Christian faith.

Whatever circumstances you face, God will use you for His purposes. It may be years before you understand what that purpose might be. In some cases, you may never know the full extent of His plans or why He allows some things to happen to you. That's why it is necessary to put your faith in action by knowing God is with you and by knowing that even though bad things may happen, they do not change the fact that He loves you.