Just finish reading this book and would like to say a Big Thank You to Anik for this amazing book, it was a very inspiring and great guidebook to all entrepreneurs. I came across this book after complete my eSCORE Assessment on the last two days at Lurn.com

In the book “eSCAPE”, Anik Singal discussed how an entrepreneur successfully establishes their business on time and turn long lost dream into reality. This book contains the secret formula to business success, proven tips, and tricks. 

First, I don’t want to make it sound like that by reading these book you’ll magically become successful, rich, and happy, without actually putting some hard work and commitment out there. 

But escape book is definitely the perfect guide textbook to find the best strategies for business and mindset, inspiration and motivation to achieve goals in life, the real story about Anik and how he became successful, and more.

“…with this book, Anik gives you that tested formula, and he speeds up that entire process for you so you don’t have to waste money, energy, and most importantly time learning these lessons the hard way.That’s what this book does…It gives you an entire plan to escape your current life and finally get the one you’ve always dream of…Here’s to changing the world.” – Daymond John “The People’s Shark”