Honestly, I am astonished the first time I encounter the Amidah prayer, it’s so beautiful and truly the prayer Y'shua (Jesus) taught His disciples, Ha Avinu – The Our Father prayer (Matt. 6:9-13), is an abbreviated version of the Amidah Prayer or also known as the Eighteen Benedictions/Blessings (Shemoneh Esrei), which has been prayed from ancient time.

Every Amidah is divided into three central sections: praise, petitions, and thanks, that is Ha Avinu! When Y'shua’s disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, His response was a shortened version of the Amidah. "The Our Father" undoubtedly shows how very Jewish Y'shua was.

The "Ha Avinu" prayer, therefore, teaches us and is a memory aid to remember the order of the blessings of the Amidah!

Structure of the Amidah Prayer

The Amidah is introduced with a verse that requests, "YHWH, open my lips and my mouth will declare Thy praise" ("Adonai sfatai…"). The first three blessings of praise appeal to YHWH as the protector of our forefathers and extol His powers and holiness.

The first three blessings:

The first three blessings of praise of the Amidah in every worship service are always the same.

1) The first blessing is called Avot, Hebrew for "ancestors," and serves as an introduction to the Elohim of our Biblical heritage, connecting us to YHWH. Mentioning the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob--and the matriarchs, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel--this blessing praises YHWH for remembering their good actions, and by implication, asking Elohim to hear our prayer favorably because of their merit.

2) The second blessing of praise is called Gevurah Hebrew for "might," which describes those powers which are only attributed to YHWH: "Your lovingkindness sustains the living, your great mercies give life to the dead." Articulating a fundamental Jewish belief in resurrection, this blessing is a reminder of YHWH's absolute power of life and death.

3) The final blessing of this opening section of praise is called the Kedushah, Hebrew for "holiness." These prayers emphasize the holiness and sacred nature of Elohim. The core of the communally repeated blessing is derived from the biblical prophet Isaiah's vision of Elohim in the heavenly Temple surrounded by the angels singing praises (Isaiah chapter 6). Isaiah described the angels calling one to another, echoing the phrase, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole world is filled with His glory." This verse is introduced by claiming that the human chorus of voices imitates the heavenly chorus, the angels.

The Middle Section:

The middle section of the Amidah consists of twelve blessings that are individual and communal requests to YHWH. Of these twelve requests recited, the first five are essentially personal, or individual requests to YHWH to improve the situation of each person. The individual prays to YHWH to grant us intelligence and understanding, give us the ability to repent of our transgressions, for YHWH to be gracious and forgiving, to send The Redeemer, The Messiah, to us the Israelites (Matt 15:24) to end our affliction, and finally, to grant healing to those who are sick and ailing. Despite the individual nature of these requests, the language of the prayers are all in the plural emphasizing the corporate nature of even singular Israelite identity.

The following seven blessings are focused more explicitly on the communal and national needs of the Israelites. There is a request for rain or dew in the proper season to ensure agricultural bounty, a plea to end the dispersion of the scattered Tribes, and prayers to restore true judges and establish justice in the world; to humble the arrogant and those who seek to harm and injure the Israelite community; to sustain the righteous of the House of Israel; rebuild Jerusalem; reestablish a Davidic leadership; and a final petition to hear and answer the prayers of the Israelite people.

The blessings of a petition, therefore, ask for six personal needs:
1) knowledge,
2) repentance,
3) forgiveness,
4) redemption,
5) health and
6) economic prosperity.

They also plead for six needs of the Israelite people:
1) ingathering of the exiled (Ten Tribes – Matt 15:24),
2) restoration of justice,
3) destruction of Israel's enemies,
4) reward for the righteous,
5) restoration of Jerusalem, and
6) the return of The Messiah.

The Final Section:

The final section of every Amidah concludes with blessings of thanksgiving to YHWH. These are three blessings that speak of the hope of return to Temple worship to acknowledge and remember what Y’shua did for us (Ezekiel 40-48), thanksgiving to YHWH, and a prayer for peace.

1) The first of these is called Avodah, which means "service," referring to the service of animal sacrifices in the days of the Temple. This prayer asks that YHWH accept our prayers as were the animal sacrifices of old which Y’shua now has fulfilled and concludes by thanking YHWH for (ultimately) restoring His presence to Zion, referring to both the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem.

2) The second concluding prayer of thanksgiving is called Hoda'ah, or"thanks." This prayer thanks YHWH for the gift of our lives and for the daily miracles which He bestows upon the world each day. At this point during the Amidah, the congregation recites the three-fold priestly blessing (Num 6:24-26).

The final prayer of thanksgiving to YHWH is actually a final petition to bestow justice, mercy, and peace on the world. Called Shalom, or peace, the community asks that YHWH grant peace, goodness, blessing, and compassion upon everyone; the themes and language are clearly derived from the priestly blessing.





YHWH, open my lips and I now choose that my mouth will declare Your praise. Blessed are you, YHWH our Elohim and God of our fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, the great, mighty and revered God, the Most High God who bestows loving kindnesses, theCreator of all things, who remembers the good deeds of the patriarchs and in love Who has brought The Redeemer to their children's children for Your Name's sake.


O King, Helper, Saviour and Shield. Blessed art thou, O YHWH, the Shield of Abraham. You, O YHWH, are mighty forever, you revive the dead, You are mighty to save. You sustain the living with lovingkindness, revive the dead with great mercy, support the falling, heal the sick, free the bound, and keep Your faith to them that sleep in the dust. Who is like You, O doer of the mighty acts, and who resembles You, O King, who orders death and restores life, and causes salvation to spring forth? Yes, You are faithful to revive the dead.


We will sanctify your name in this world just as it is sanctified in the highest heavens, as it is written by your prophet: "And they call out to one another and say: 'Holy, holy, holy is YHWH of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory.'" Those facing them praise YHWH saying: "Blessed be the Shekinah of YHWH in His place."And in your Holy Words it is written, saying: "YHWH reigns forever, your God, O Zion, throughout all generations. Hallelujah."Throughout all generations, we will declare Your greatness, and to all eternity we will proclaim Your holiness. Your praise, O our God, shall never depart from our mouth, for You are a great and holy God and King. Blessed are you, O YHWH, the holy God. You are holy, and Your Name is holy, and holy beings praise you daily. Blessed are You, O YHWH, the holy God.




You favour men with knowledge and teach mortals understanding. Favour us with the knowledge, understanding and discernment from You. Blessed are You, O YHWH, gracious Giver of knowledge.


Cause us to return, our Father, unto Your Torah; draw us near, our King, unto Your service, and bring us back in perfect repentance unto Your presence. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who delights in repentance.


Forgive us, our Father, for we have sinned; pardon us, our King, for we have transgressed; for You do pardon and forgive. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who is merciful and always ready to forgive.


Look upon our affliction and plead our cause, and redeem us speedily for Your Name's sake, for You are a mighty Redeemer. Blessed are You, O YHWH, the Redeemer of Israel.


Heal us, O YHWH, and we will be healed; save us and we will be saved, for You are our praise. O grant a perfect healing to all our wounds, for You, Almighty King, are a faithful and merciful Healer. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who heals the sick of Your people Israel.


Bless this year unto us, O YHWH our God, together with every kind of produce, for our welfare. give a blessing upon the face of the earth. O satisfy us with your goodness, and bless our year like other good years. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who blesses the years.


Sound the great shofar for our freedom, raise the ensign to gather our exiles, the lost sheep of the House of Israel, and gather us from the four corners of the earth. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who gathers the dispersed of His people Israel.


Restore our judges as in former times and our counselors as at the beginning; and remove from us sorrow and sighing. Reign over us, You alone, O YHWH, with lovingkindness and compassion, and clear us in judgment. Blessed are You, O YHWH, the King who loves righteousness and justice. And for slanderers let there be no hope, and let all wickedness perish in an instant. May all Your enemies quickly be cut down, and may You soon in our day uproot, crush, cast down and humble the dominion of arrogance. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who smashes enemies and humbles the arrogant.


May your compassion be stirred, O YHWH our God, towards the righteous, the pious, the elders of Your people the House of Israel, the remnant of their scholars, towards proselytes, and towards us also. Grant a good reward to all who truly trust in Your Name. Set our lot with them forever so that we may never be put to shame, for we have put our trust in You. Blessed are You, O YHWH, the stay and trust of the righteous.


Return in mercy to Jerusalem Your city, and dwell in it as You have promised. Rebuild it soon in our day as an eternal structure, and quickly set up in it the throne of David. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who rebuilds Jerusalem.


Speedily cause the Offspring of Your servant David to flourish, and lift up His glory by Your divine help because we wait for Your salvation Y’shua all the day. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who causes the strength of Y’shua to flourish.


Hear our voice, O YHWH our God; spare us and have mercy upon us. Accept our prayer in mercy and with favour, for You are a God who hears prayers and supplications. O our King, do not turn us away from Your presence empty-handed, for You hear the prayers of Your people Israel with compassion. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who hears prayer.




Be pleased, O Lord our God, with Your people Israel and with their prayers. Restore the service to the inner sanctuary of your Temple, and receive in love and with favour both the fire-offerings of Israel and their prayers. May the worship of Your people Israel always be acceptable to You. And let our eyes behold Your return in mercy to Zion. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who restores His divine presence to Zion.


We give thanks to You that You are YHWH our God and the God of our fathers forever and ever. Through every generation, You have been the Rock of our lives, the shield of our salvation. We will give You thanks and declare Your praise for our lives that are committed into Your hands, for oursouls that are entrusted to You, for Your miracles that are daily with us, and for Your wonders and Your benefits that are with us at all times, evening, morning and noon. O beneficent One, Your mercies never fail; O merciful One, Your loving kindnesses never cease. We have always put our hope in You. For all these acts may Your Name be blessed and exalted continually,O our King, forever and ever. Let every living thing give thanks to You and praise Your name in truth, O God, our salvation and our help. Blessed are You, O YHWH, whose Name is the Beneficent One, and to Whom it is fitting to give thanks.


Grant peace, welfare, blessing, grace, lovingkindness and mercy to us and to all Israel your people. Bless us, O our Father, one and all, with the light of your countenance; for by the light of your countenance you have given us, O YHWH our God, a Torah of life, lovingkindness and salvation,blessing, mercy, life and peace. May it please You to bless Your people Israel at all times and in every hour with Your peace. Blessed are You, O YHWH, who blesses His people Israel with peace.

May YHWH bless you and keep you
May YHWH cause His face favour to shine upon you and be gracious to you
May YHWH lift His favour unto you and give you peace.

May God who brings peace to the universe,
bring peace to us and to all the people of Israel. Amen.