How can one tell that the nation a person belongs to is primarily of Israelite origin? How can one determine that as an individual the chances are that a person has Israelite ancestry?

Answers: You do not know for sure but one can be fairly certain according to national and personal criteria that are often pertinent. We concentrate on countries in which the Israelites were and are dominant according to criteria that have proven themselves. This is justified by the Bible. The standards applied include national level and individual criteria.

We start off first at the national level:

a) Economic and physical blessings as promised to Israel in Scripture. The Israelites,
    especially the Ten Tribes, were to: 
ü  rule over other peoples. 
ü  be seafarers. 
ü  be the dominant world power. 
ü  be the world military might. 
ü  be the enforcer of the peace and policeman of the globe. 
ü  they would defeat Edom (Germany and Europe).
b) Physical-materialistic characteristics:
ü  number hundreds of millions. 
ü  possess agricultural plenty. 
ü  control vast mineral resources. 
ü  rule over gate(s) of their enemies (international strategic points).
Biblical evidence predicting whereto the Ten Tribes would go, example, what type of religion
and government they would have.
Physical-materialistic geographical characteristics include: 
ü  Ends of the earth.
ü  Isles. 
ü  Thighs, peninsulas, and coasts. 
ü  Tarshish (Atlantic Ocean area). 
ü  western location. 
ü  located to the northwest of the Land of Israel. 
ü  in the "North" Land. 
ü  South Africa, Australia, New Zealand ("Land of Sinim"). 
ü  Zarephath, meaning France and Britain. 
ü  many waters (several oceans). 
ü  Manasseh (USA) has a name connoting ‘responsible representation' whereas Ephraim (UK) symbolizes the principle of 'aristocracy' as explained.
The countries will show historical, archaeological, and related proofs indicating the routes and whereabouts of migration. Dolmens and megalithic structures will show the pathway of migration.
Showing sympathy and attraction with the Jewish people. This entails proven feelings of kinship and empathy with the Jews and a relative lack of anti-Semitism when compared with others. This holds true even though prophecy also indicates that a certain degree of tension would always exist almost to the end between "Ephraim" and Judah.
Innovation and Intellect will be a characteristic in the nation. A degree of national intellectual, wisdom, and honesty will be present.
Proven military prowess in the past at least and at present in potential.
The doing of social justice will be an important aspect. Abraham was blessed to become a great and mighty nation that his descendants might do "justice and judgment".
Israelite identification means that in some way a significant portion of the peoples, more often in quality rather than in numbers, at some stage or other to a degree are known to have identified themselves as Hebraic.

This holds in many cases but not in all of them. Examples:

ü   The USA had its own Israelite-identifying groups such as the early Puritans, some of the Founding Fathers, the Mormons, and numerous others, in fact within the whole structure of American religion especially of the fundamentalist variety there have been such tendencies. Israelite identification is a recurring feature in American history. Israelite Identifying groups from Europe even from such places as Germany and Russia and like-minded individuals from all over the world all tended to gravitate to the USA. USA support for the State of Israel also says something about an underlying realization of commonality. The family connection is also a strong indicator where the identified group will have a known and proven "ethnic" link to some degree to other of the peoples identified as "Israelite" so that the proofs for one may be applied to the other and the effect becomes cumulative.

ü   The British factor: Anglo-Saxon legend and tradition presumed Hebrew ancestries such as the Puritans and Restoration Movement. Also the personal identification of leading figures of that nation such as the Welsh, Irish, English, and Scottish Hebrew origins known of from early times. The Scottish food taboos and traditions speak for themselves. The Finnish of Finland believed themselves descended from the Ten Tribes of Israel. Denmark, Sweden, and Norway had periods of identification with Israel. Early Swedish histories spoke of Hebrew ancestry. The Danes also had an Israelite tradition and identified strongly with Jews at times of need. Descendants of Scandinavians in the USA were prominent in Israelite identification groupings and pro-Israel activities.) Netherlands (Holland) and South African acceptance of Jews and identification with them. The tradition of Israelite origin amongst the Frisians and Puritan type Hebraic movements and sympathies. Belgium is similar to the Netherlands but was moderated by the Roman Catholic religion. Protestant French (Huguenots) identified with Israel. These during history identified themselves for periods with Jews. Then there is the feeling amongst intellectuals of Gaul having had a Semitic (Hebrew) origin. Much of French history may even be seen as a struggle between the Hebraic and the non-Hebraic elements and sentiment. Switzerland has Hebraic Calvinists, with some very moderated Hebraic feelings throughout.

The identified group should have proven "ethnic" links to at least one of the other identified groups so that the proofs of one may be applied to the other.
The exiled Israelites were destined to settle in groups retaining much of their original Tribal cohesion or later through some kind of "homing" instinct, members of the same Tribe tended to converge together.
The following are "suggested" qualifications as applied to an individual’s inner identification to feel Israelite or Jewish or would like to be considered so. Here are some criteria:
Do you have Jewish ancestors or those who were probably Israelites according to Brit-Am’s and related research findings? If you do not have such ancestry or are not sure would you be prepared to totally and irrevocably identify as an Israelite?

Do you believe in the Bible? Would you be prepared to keep Biblical Laws if you were convinced at any stage that the Bible requires you to do so? The inner conviction to keep the Torah is a strong indicator.
Do you now live amongst people of Brit-Am Israelite or Jewish origin and do you identify with them and on the whole are accepted by them? At the least do you wish to live amongst such people?
Are you pro-Jewish? At the least do you reject anti-Semitism and even feel offended by it? Would you like to see a union between "Ephraim" and Judah, the reconciliation between the Two Houses, and pursue this prophetic actuality with unrestrained effort?
These are based on the three criteria of the sages. We have counted these under one heading since they are interrelated and someone who has one of the three qualities in effect must have the two others.

The sages said that there are three signs that distinguish descendants of Israel: They are merciful, kind, and modest. To fulfill these criteria one does not necessarily have to be a "saint", merely to judge one's reactions all other things being equal:
1) Mercy, grace: Do you feel sympathy for others? Do you believe in social justice? Do you try to take account of the sensitivities of others?
2) Unselfishness, self-sacrifice, kindness: Are you kind to others? At the least do you feel that needless suffering should not be inflicted on others but rather where possible, good be done unto them?
3) Modesty, reserve, humility: Are you prepared to do good and act worthily even though you may receive no reward or recognition and perhaps even suffer because of it?
If you fulfill the above requirements, do some members of your family now or in the past also share the said sentiments and qualities? (Please note: it is obvious that if someone is of Israelite descent as in the "ANCESTRY" point above, they are Israelite whether or not they fulfill any of the other listed points.) The criteria however may be useful for those who are not certain or cannot provide evidence that is satisfactory from the viewpoint of the others.

Can I marry a Jew if I am non-Jewish but Israelite? Presently no. The Ten Tribes had their identity suspended6 temporarily in the religious sense in order to release them from the consequences of not keeping the Law and the obligation of keeping it. If they wholeheartedly return to keep the wedding contract, the Torah, then there is now reason for refusal. In the Messianic era, however, they will return and things will be as they previously were.

Many have sought to predict the cause of human events, but none have had the incredible accuracy of the ancient Biblical prophets! Did you know that prophets, thousands of years before the deportation and migration of the Ten Tribes into the nations, prophesied the events with hair-raising accuracy?

Did you know each and every one of these exile, scattering, and migration prophecies was literally fulfilled with unprecedented accuracy? Why would the restoration prophecies of the Tribes not also be fulfilled?

All the prophecies on the return and restoration of the Twelve Tribe Israel Kingdom will be literally fulfilled in the very near future! We will now travel back in time and follow the mysterious stone markers the Ten Tribes left for us as silent witnesses