Dolmens and megalithic monuments originated in ancient Israel. The prophet Jeremiah distinctly says that the Ten Tribes will construct a mysterious trail marker-way of megalithic monuments from Israel to their places of exile and evidence of this path will enable them to return in the future. Such a trail exists all the way from Israel via Arsareth (Georgia/Abkasia) to areas such as Scotland and further!

The traceable paths of dolmens and megalithic stone markers from the Middle East to the Western Nations are yet another unmovable fact of the veracity of the Bible as instructed by God.

These dolmens and megaliths are dominant in the south Caucasus area called Georgia, the area where Arsareth nestles between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountain ranges. The Western Caucasus, extending over 275,000 ha of the extreme western end of the Caucasus mountains and located 50 km north-east of the Black Sea, is one of the few large mountain areas of Europe that has not experienced significant human impact. Yet dotted within the pristine landscape there are literally thousands of ancient megalithic structures. This dominated stone marker area and the area south of the Greater Caucasus Mountain, is the mysterious 'Arsareth'. Does God want to tell us something of significance with these thousands of dolmens and megaliths in this one specific area? Why are dolmens and megaliths specifically so prominent here?

More importantly, why are the dolmens here and further in their migration paths, laid out according to the Mazarroth Constellations of the Twelve Tribes as penned in the Scriptures? Does God want to reveal to us the coded messages hidden so deeply through the ages? The answer is absolutely yes, and you need to know about it as is part of Scripture and knowledge that will increase in the last days!

Conclusion :
Dolmens and megalithic monuments originated in ancient Israel. Jer 31:21 says that the Ten Tribes will construct a trail of megalithic monuments from Israel to their places of exile and further migration, so as to find their way back. This indeed happened with unprecedented accuracy. These megaliths are also associated with the stars, which believers of today are only now really starting to study and understand this as commanded in the Torah.
The Bible makes clear reference to these structures in many places,
and covenants were strongly associated with them, therefore the megaliths had a long history with the Hebrew people. The use of 108 menhirs as funerary monuments also exists from ancient time till late in historical times.
Megaliths have been erected in various phases: the first monuments to be erected were by the Sethites (Neolithic Period), then to these were added later by the descendants of Eber (King Solomon and his Phoenician vassal), and then later still by the descendants of Jacob-Israel (Ten Tribes) all the way into the Christian Era. Many Rabbis and leading Jewish scholars believe that most of the megaliths outside Israel were erected by the Ten Tribers on their migration routes. Thus, the megalithic monuments indicate the migratory paths. There are four main migratory paths northwards. The path through
Georgia was selected to prove the fact that the Ten Tribes will construct a trail of megalithic monuments from Israel to their places of exile and beyond.
Megaliths, arranged in special formations were found on this migration path giving valuable information. Each country that is studied offers more cryptic information and clues. There are direct parallels between megalithic structures such as the Caucasus, Stonehenge, Newgrange, and Kilmartin, not to mention the smaller groups on the migration path. Scotland is one of the 'final' destinations the Ten Tribers migrated to in Western Europe and a
last piece of vital cryptic eschatological evidence is encoded in its menhirs, cairns, dolmens, cromlechs, and tumuli. The area identified as Arsareth, which Abkasia is a part of, is an area where dolmens and megalithic structures are dominant.constantly being found.
Long before the Romans came to Britain, the ancient Brythonic tribes of England, Scotland and Wales - the 'original' Britons - already had well organized and sophisticated societies. They were capable of 109 building massive - and often still mysterious - projects and of crossing the English Channel in boats to trade goods and raw materials. Locked in the silence of these stone complexes lies a link to the world of the unutterable, only now to be revealed to us in the last days by the Great God of Israel...