I eagerly want to read this book since last year after it publishes and advertises by Robert himself through his ‘Rich Dad’ radio podcast and YouTube channel. I only manage to read it this week after I found it at a nearby bookstore, although I have listen to his audiobook before – I personally prefer printed (paperback/hardcover) book reading over electronic (ebook) because I want to merge more deeply experience in it. Audiobook best apply when I’m doing something else in between like driving, cooking, etc.

Great book and I highly recommend you to read this if you want to know where are we stand in today’s world. It contains 560 pages divided into 3 parts with 19 chapters and it's worth reading.

In this book Robert discusses fake money, fake teachers and fake assets and want dedicate this book to those seeking the truth (fight fake with facts). He expose, how lies making the poor and middle class poorer and His perspective on the current state of social and economic problems on the global level and how we can prepare for not being a victim of the giants of GRUNCH.

GRUNCH stands for Gross Universal Cash Heist. Grunch is about how the ultra-rich rip off the world.

If you a fan of Robert, you’ll know that he’s a real teacher with integrity in education about financial; be it gold, silver, real estate, money, digital, education system and greatest of all “mind” assets; developed your mind by investing in yourself; what you learn or studies (real study is a lifelong journey)  – He teaches from real-life experience and encourage student to do the real things. He’s giving us a big lesson and picture about the facts where are we today and why and what makes it happened like that and how can we know what is truth and how can we prepare from the coming chaos, etc.

He teach that in our modern money - got 3 types:
1. God’s money: Gold and Silver
2. Government’s money: Dollars, Euros, pesos, etc.
3. People’s money: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZipCoin, etc.
From these 3, the book guides us and we got to think and question ourself which money are real or fake, which teachers are real or fake, and which asset is real or fake.

Fake money 
-In the book, Robert discusses the technology of cryptocurrency originating with the people and the role of Governments in trying to control banks. 
Fake teachers 
-A great teacher is good at what they do, they have good subject knowledge and are able to communicate effectively with the people they are teaching 
-A teacher who doesn’t have an in-depth understanding of what they are teaching is unable to communicate well and have a positive impact on their students learning. 
-It is preferential to have a teacher who has business experience in the area they are teaching. They are able to bring real experience to their teaching. 
Fake Assets 
-A real asset puts money in your pocket. A fake asset takes money out of your pocket, it is something that promises to make you richer but actually requires ongoing finance from the individual. 

In this book Robert Kiyosaki continues to explore the value of financial education and thinking critically,  knowledge and an approach that some only have the opportunity to learn about later and some never learn about, effectively creating the divide between the rich and the poor. 
BEST Quotes;
‘The invisible people who control the world economy search our schools to find the best and brightest so they can train them to run the world economy the way they want the world economy to be run’ – Bucky Fuller

‘Trust in “artifacts” things that you could see, touch, and feel, not a story of a lie” – Bucky Fuller

‘What you do will depend upon whom you believe.’

‘He was really good at marketing as a practitioner, doing the doing, not only just from a teaching point of view’ 

‘A real students learns from everything and everyone. Life itself is your teacher and you are in a state of constant learning’

‘I strongly believe we all have at least one book inside us, whether we have written it or not’ 

‘Any book good or bad can help you’ 

‘Land and property are better as real assets’ 

‘All coin have three side; the edge=intelligence, the heads and the tails’ - Rich Dad

‘The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.’ – F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘It is better to be loving and compassionate to yourself and admit you made a mistake, than to punish yourself and others for their mistakes.’

‘Intense teamwork requires intense spiritual education.’

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