Great book and highly recommend if you’re like me, seeking to develop and improve self public speaking skills. The best is because its provide step by step guide on how to communicate effectively in public and aspires the readers to become a pro-speaker. According to Dale Carnegie, most people have the ability to speak quite well it depend on their desire to develop and acquire the skills. “Good Public speaker are made, not born”. This book also provides the very best method of overcoming self-consciousness and building confidence, courage, and enthusiasm.

We can build our speaking skills by;
First - developing a strong and persistent desire to speak in public with a positive attitude.

Second – Be well prepared and knowing thoroughly what you are going to talk about. Find a topic and a speech should not be just a recitation of facts and statistics but should involve arousing human interest by giving yourself-your experience, your belief and your opinion. A persuasive speech should start with a foundation of your conviction. Your earnest belief in your cause is contagious. The second foundational element of persuasion is education.  

Third – Acting confidently. Think and act confident. Good preparation should increase your confidence, even before you give your talk. Envision you giving your talk successfully. Don’t second guess yourself.
Try this 3 things to maintain your confidence level:
-Take a deep breath for 30 seconds before you face the audience, it will increase the oxygen level in your brain and help you to focus, think clearly and remember your main points well. Its also calm your nerve and give you courage.
-Give yourself a pep talk like “You Can Do This” or a simple cheer like “Go, go, go; I’m the best, I’m the best, I’m the best”
-Walk confidently. Draw yourself up and look your audience straight in the eyes.

And Fourth – Practice, practice, practice. Practice will make an improvement. Practice your talk or presentation & record it. Grab every opportunity to speak no matter how short it will be. Look and ask for feedback from your hearers.

Conclusion: Think success in your public speaking work and you will then do the things necessary to bring success about it. Put your heart in your talking because real emotional sincerity will help to deliver a good message to hearers.